We help our customers not to waste their precious time!

Who we are?

We are a group of young and very experienced professionals. Each in its own area. During the hard days the experience varied from HORECA to Real estate. From the IT start ups till mutual founds, so by now there are left a very close group of people, who will provide you the best customer oriented service and realisation possible.


Are you sure your money is mainteined properly?

Are you sure your bank maintains YOUR money according to YOUR needs? It came all of a sudden to me one day, that the banks only fulfill theyr needs, no matter what they say. Statistics + contract terms is the key word to check your banks customer orientation. So you are welcome to contact us, is your willing to hire an expert whos on your side!


Dont know what to do with money on an unstable market?

TNowadays markets are pretty tricky. Its impossible just to buy some high-risk assets and wait for a 20% revenues by the end of a year, so you have to know exacly what are you doing. We have deversified portfolio. There are a group of partners from the real sector, who are producing real stuff, which secures your money. Those, combined with the group of a comodities and securities, which can give very high yeald yearly revenues gives you overall interest rates close to the growing countries inflation. So you are almost risk free. Of course we will consider every clients needs.


One of our main products are 3 year 12% bonds. They are from real sector and are reinvested in european companies. More info in a personal meeting.